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I came to Scarlet for healing during a time of extreme loss and depression. I was mourning the sudden death of my partner and dealing with everything that goes along with that. I was a mess to put it mildly. Scarlet was able to do what I felt was impossible. She coached me through the toughest time in my life with a balance of understanding, empathy, and tough love. She introduced me to micro dose ketamine therapy. When I tell you it was a game changer, it’s not an exaggeration. I went from a grief so deep that I couldn’t form the words to describe it, to a place where I could calm myself and really process what was happening. I believe my words after my first dose were “it’s like I can breath for the first time in weeks”. While I still grieve, ketamine, alongside regular therapy, I was able to remove my ego from the equation and open up my mind and heart to heal. Although I was hesitant to try ketamine, now that I have experienced it, I want anyone who is experiencing trauma or grief to know about it! Just a few months ago I would not have been able to picture myself not just surviving but thriving under Scarlet’s care. She truly cares about her patients, which you can feel from the moment you meet her.

Andrea Brownstein

I have been to many therapists for over 15 years, and nothing compares to my therapeutic work with Scarlet. Not only is she incredibly warm and empathetic, I was able to come to insights about myself I had never been able to before in my many years of therapy.

Scarlet takes a very individualized approach in each and every session. She is very emotionally attuned and immediately picks up on themes/patterns I am currently struggling with in my life. She also brings to the session an incredible amount of wisdom and resources specific to help me in my situation.

I can’t recommend Scarlet enough. My experience working with was truly transformative.  She is someone who puts her soul into her work and it shows. You won’t find anyone like her anywhere else!


Scarlet is a compassionate, intuitive provider. She helped me sort out my issues so that I could focus and set meaningful goals.

K.O., client

In my professional opinion, Scarlet is one of the most highly trained psychiatric nurse practitioners in the area. I do not hesitate to refer my patients to her.

Dr. Tyra Kane

Scarlet meets you where you are. Her goal is to help you be your best!

G.C., client

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