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Psychedelic Journeys for End of Life

Consciousness Awakening Center


If we are fortunate, there is a time in everyone's life when mortality looms. If not, that means the transition was sudden. Which is better, you might ask? That is entirely up to you to decide. In the meantime, I would like to address the end of life. The moment when you know your time is shortened by illness and or age. A time when you may have more questions than answers. A time for possible existential exploration on a level you may not have given much thought to before. A time when you may have questions, fears, anxiety, or depression concerning the end of life. How would one go about deeply exploring these questions or concerns? If you are interested in this type of exploration, please call or email and let's set up an appointment to discuss what that looks like.

See Bios for End of Life Staff

Scarlet Fannin, PMHNP-BC


Scarlet Fannin is a board certified psychiatric mental health practitioner. Scarlet completed her Associate's Degree in nursing in 1996. With an eclectic nursing history from home health to hospice, cardiac rehab to chemotherapy, Scarlet has a varied and well rounded background which set her up for success. While obtaining her Master's Degree in Psychiatry, Scarlet found her calling in psychedelics, specifically ketamine therapy. She courageously opened her private practice in Frederick, MD, and obtained her licensure as a psychiatric nurse practitioner in Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. The six years Scarlet worked in hospice was a time of pure pleasure and privilege to be allowed to administer care during one of the greatest transitional times in one's life

Geoffrey Coleman, MD, MHA


Dr. Coleman attended the Georgia Institute of Technology (Mechanical Engineering) and Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia. His first residency training was in emergency medicine - an experience which persuaded him to pursue a career that allowed more hands-on patient contact, switching to family medicine and earning his board certification. Dr. Coleman provided primary medical care for 9 years on the Menominee Indian Reservation in Wisconsin. Moving east to be near family, he established a community health center in Montross, Virginia, providing primary and preventive healthcare with regular house calls to patients. He continued his passion for direct patient care when he moved into hospice work, starting a practice focused on home visits and palliative care in 2004. He helped start two hospices in Virginia and served as their medical director. Since 2007, Dr. Coleman has practiced hospice and palliative medicine exclusively. He has helped develop a pediatric hospice team and restarted a palliative care practice. Dr. Coleman has been a member of the Diversity Advisory Council for NHPCO since 2014 and one of its chairpersons since 2016. He speaks frequently in the community about issues related to end-of-life care. Dr. Coleman is certified in both Family Medicine, and Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

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