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Consciousness Awakening Center


I am excited to introduce SoundSelf. This technology will enhance my clients ability to go deeper into the mental healing process.

“SoundSelf engages your voice in a biofeedback loop enhanced by vibro-acoustics and light therapy.

It’s a participatory sound bath that activates all of your senses, and has been measured to produce transpersonal states of consciousness after 15 minutes of immersion.
SoundSelf introduces “surrender practice” and “psychedelic memory reactivation” into the therapist’s tool-kit.

Multiple research studies have shown that experiencing SoundSelf results in large and significant improvements in anxiety, depression, mindfulness, and wellbeing.”

SoundSelf, coupled with the InHarmony Soundlounge 2 Vibroacoustic bed, the possibilties are endless.

Feel free to call Pathway to Mental Health for more information concerning how you may utilize this technology during your next visit.

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